About us

Uncover the secrets of your destiny with Wisdom Rays

Wisdom Rays is a one stop solution to quench the thirst of a curious mind which always wants to know what is unfolding for us in future. We use Tarot reading, Astrology, Numerology, Vastu and holistic healing as our tools to help and guide who are seeking answers.

These readings are intuitive and based on clairvoyance, when it comes to tarot reading. It can not replace medical or legal advice. We try to give you the best possible insight of a situation in one’s life so one can make right choices and take action towards betterment of oneself.

we understand the importance of spiritual ascension of oneself; So we follow the best practices to keep as awakened to the physical reality and alternate realities. Healing mind body and soul to attain the connection with our highersefl is our goal.

About Rekhaa Raturi

Rekha Raturi, popularly known as Ray, is a born empath and clairvoyant. She inherited the gift of healing and clairvoyance from her grandfather and great grandmother. They both had same natural instincts and abilities.  On her journey she had learnt a lot many subjects and modalities to enhance her capabilities.  Besides being  working as HR Manager for corporates after her masters in Human Resource Management; she continued on the path of learning more and more to help fellow human beings to make better choices and grow.

She is certified  Rekki healer and Lama fera healer. She inhibits tremendous knowledge of  Tarot,  Astrology,  Numerology and  Vastu too. 

Her vision is to help and support life force in all forms to make world a better place.

It’s been 15 years she is practicing and  the journey continues.